The NBT Group is the product of its values. Its values are the product of over a century’s innovation.

With a heritage spanning more than a century, The NBT group’s longevity and continued success is the product of the values that unite its companies, tribes and team members.

Our products and services have changed multiple times over the years, spanning industries as diverse as trams, mining and white goods through wars, recessions and huge cultural and technological shifts. Our core values are what has shaped us and enabled us to thrive through all of this, and what continues to drive our success.

As a group we believe first and foremost in the power of working together to achieve shared and individual goals.

As a family-run company with over a century of history, we truly care about the people who make up The NBT Group, valuing the person, not the job role.

We’re passionate about the fact that results can only be delivered through acting ambitiously and endeavour to get things done immediately and sensibly, without waiting for permission and we never ‘step over the milk’.

We strive to make people say “wow” with everything we do, acting with integrity, respect and a positive mindset to deliver on our promises.

Being curious is a key part of our makeup – we’re fuelled by our desire to be interested in new ideas to better ourselves, and to help the people around us achieve more too.

Finally, we’re driven by a desire to challenge everything, and we thrive on change. We are not scared to disrupt today for a better tomorrow.

“Being part of the growth The NBT Group has achieved over my 25 years’ service has been a privilege and it is exciting to see what future ventures will be.

The NBT Group senior team fully support and encourage you to reach your full potential. The company is always looking to grow and isn’t afraid of change, for customers internal and external alike.”