As a family-run business, The NBT Group takes pride in supporting individuals to develop to their full potential, whether they’re taking the first steps in their career or seeking a new challenge to develop existing skills.

At The NBT Group our commitment to change sits at the heart of everything we do – we owe over a century of success to our belief that change is something to be welcomed, not afraid of.  Our entire structure is designed to make it possible for individuals to challenge, act and deliver excellence, and this provides immeasurable opportunities for the people who work with us to grow, develop and achieve.

A “job for life” might not be as fashionable or desirable a concept as it once was, but we strive to offer the right people just that, by putting the structures in place to help their role change and develop as they do.

We’ve built our culture, values and structure to enable changemakers to thrive and excel, and we’re always looking for like-minded people to join us in turning the next big opportunity into a reality.

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“Being part of the growth The NBT Group has achieved over my 25 years’ service has been a privilege and it is exciting to see what future ventures will be.

The NBT Group senior team fully support and encourage you to reach your full potential. The company is always looking to grow and isn’t afraid of change, for customers internal and external alike.”

Louise Fisk, Supply Services Buyer at The NBT Group


Q&A with CEO, Peter Oram

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Long standing employee celebrates 25 years


Long-standing employee celebrates 25 years

NORTH EAST based The NBT Group is celebrating 25 years of service from one of its longest-serving employees, who joined the business at just 16-years-old.

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Apprentice Recruitment


Spotlight to shine on bursary launch for North East cultural venue

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