The NBT Group’s century-long heritage is the fuel that drives us forwards, not a weight holding us back.

Our culture as a family-run business is central to what we do. While family businesses face unique challenges, we believe that the commitment to people and relationships and focus on long-term value over short-term gains are a key feature of family-run organisations gives us a significant advantage over the competition.

We’ve innovated constantly over the course of our history, and believe it’s this capacity to pivot and embrace proactive change that makes us stand out in today’s market. As you’d expect, our culture is centred on putting the right conditions in place to allow everybody at The NBT Group to live our values of curiosity, change and action. With no traditional top-down management structure, every team member is encouraged and expected to put forward ideas, back up their opinions, and work together to make positive change.

Our company structure sets us apart

We apply agile organisation principles to our business structure, and our business is structured into autonomous tribes and squads rather than offices and departments. This empowers the people who work within The NBT Group to focus on driving exceptional results without unnecessary bureaucracy or arbitrary rules.

We believe our structure enables our employees to develop, innovate and excel, and crucially, to achieve our wider goals of helping our customers to improve, every single day. It allows us to work collaboratively without navigating cumbersome corporate structures, and to effectively challenge the status quo to deliver work that goes above and beyond.